Today's challenge was to write a poem based off an image. I was pretty excited about this one because I work very visually in general and I love to get inspiration from artwork, images, photographs, films, etc. I chose two pieces from one of my favorite artists, a French artist named Cyril Rolando. The pieces are an A side and a B side of each other.

the messenger

the last letters come from shanghai.
a drop-off station sits on the corner
of nanjing road
ready to remember
what we could not forget.

the boy of letters stands
on the edge of what once
was a tower, proud and tall and made of stone
now it kneels before the sea
crumbling away
just pebbles in its roar of glory.

when the boy flies
he'll carry your words
to new lands, to waiting hands
he'll speak of your love
your dreams, your news, your secrets
your terrible lies
he'll tell what you want to tell
and burn the rest.

fly high, and fly fast
over oceans hell-bent on pulling you down
tagging the kite’s tail
that piece of you right at the end
that you can’t protect
the piece that doesn’t fit.

across the ocean, a girl waits
at her window each morning
to see a shape emerge from the clouds
a boy of blinding sunlight
and the tail of a kite
he'll fly to her window
the words forgotten
and he will not return.