the fall


the duel of dark and light
a rule broken by stars,
poking holes in the sky and streaming through
but i can’t keep the stars from 
scratching their way down to earth
and taking me along.

those things i told you
those terrible things i said 
i can’t swear i didn’t mean them
but i can probably say for sure
that they weren’t true.

see, when i look up and see those stars
like blazing comets looking for a place to land
i wish i could take off
wings sewn into my shoulderblades
the stitches are messy
the strings are loose
but they fly.
see, i don’t mind burning up sometimes
i like the flesh it leaves behind
soldered and hot like steel
branded under the skin
but i don’t like crash landings
making holes in the clouds
and falling while they always tell me
don't look down.

it's easier that way.