the evolution of us / no shelter

the first spark: the speck
bubbling in a star somewhere
burst upon the scene like a nosedive
a downhill speed unclocked.
then somehow
there were two
halved and differences
cut like swimming veins
searching for each other.
then we intertwined
tentacles like broken legs
eyes still closed
unsure of what we’d find out there
or if we’d want to stay.

see, when i met you
my heart wasn’t fully formed
it was a quick-drill job
nailed together at the joints
glue at the seams
and the shape
just wasn’t quite what i imagined.
i got the words
the synapses all lining up
like quicksilver neurons
flashes of light
but i didn’t connect them with that heart of yours
they traveled down my spine
and spilled blood
no mercy
no shelter.

we never made it to the best version of us
we got stopped halfway
maybe a little less
i don’t know how long it will take
to reach the end
the real end
not the one we made up
to set the break
to heal
what happens after?
are we always chipped away a little
chunks of bone
floating in the big red
passing by our wrists, our feet
bumping the sidelines
or can we truly be rebuilt
brand new?