a very blustery day

it's been a strange first few weeks of this blustery, still-new year.

today was filled with fog, seemingly for no reason. yesterday was warm. tomorrow is supposed to be warm. but today took a dip, disappearing into its dreams a little bit. i face the mountains on my drive to work and this morning, there was a layer of soft white all over the world, obscuring them, comforting me somehow.

i am not a creature of the sun.

and yet. i went to the beach on sunday.

the pacific ocean is ridiculously, hilariously cold. the most i could do was go ankle-deep in some tide pools where there were a few bizarrely warm patches of water. and try not to step on any hermit crabs.

after going to the beach this past christmas while i was home in florida, i decided i am going to go to the beach more. i was never much of a beach person even while living fifteen minutes away from several of them in florida for all of middle and high school. but i don't know. in the right time, the right mood. it's nice.

i suppose most of the world knew that already.

now that the craziness of the last couple weeks is over, i am hoping to get back into full on novel-ing for a good long while.

i jumpstarted the year a bit, which was exciting. the past few years i've always wanted to do the wonderful critique partner love connection that maggie stiefvater does every year, meant to pair up authors to critique each other's work. i've never had enough work ready at the time, so i've missed the past couple years - but this year i decided to jump on it.

i got some wonderful responses and met some awesomely talented people! which is so exciting! around the same time, i also stayed in touch with some great people i met during my novel writing class from october, and did a little writer's group session with some of them. it's amazing to have feedback from people - before the last few months, i hadn't really shared any of my work with anyone, just sort of trucking away on novels or stories and then deciding they weren't working and starting over and going down the endless rabbit hole of doubt.

i saw amber at her signing at dark delicacies in burbank for her brand new book the witches of echo park. she asked how my writing was going. i told her about my rabbit hole of doubt.


which is good advice.

so i shall work on finishing the thing.