new year

i've decided not to write a new year's post looking back at this year.

frankly, this year was all kinds of terrible in a lot of ways. in other ways, it was all kinds of wonderful. but as i've started this post no less than five times now, each time unsure how to do so, i realized i don't want to look back at 2014. 

i could tell you about some of the books i read this year and loved (steelheart, charm and strange, nickel plated, imaginary girls, egg & spoon, gone girl, the miseducation of cameron post, eleanor & park, the arrival.) i could mention some movies i saw and loved (edge of tomorrow, whiplash, the boxtrolls, boyhood), though i didn't see nearly as many as i meant to. i could tell you about some great trips i took (yellowstone and montana/wyoming) or some fun things i did (got an annual pass to disneyland.)

but mostly i am hoping that 2015 will be remarkably better, and not just by chance - that i will make it so.

i hope to do a lot of writing. mostly the writing i had hoped to do this year and did not, in fact, do. i did a lot of writing this year toward the end, but for the most part, life and emotions and lots of other things got in the way.

i hope to do some good traveling, to montana and yellowstone again, to pennsylvania to see my family, to comic-con for the first time.

i hope to become a happier, nicer, more fulfilled person. i don't just hope that - i need that.

and i hope 2015 brings all of those things - creativity, traveling, happiness - to you, too, whoever and wherever you are.